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YES do this. Munchkins Patented self-sealing system works well to keep odors contained. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Munchkin UV Diaper Pail LED UV Lights Kills 99% of Germs Odor Causing Bacteria at the best online prices at eBay! There are quite a few similarities between the Munchkin Step and the Diaper Genie. Take the bag of used diapers to your regular trash outside. Read about me here. The Munchkin Step uses a twist and seal method. Diaper Genie. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. I am looking for a diaper pail and the 3 that seem to come up most are the Munchkins step, UBBI and Diaper Genie. Diaper Genie is one of the best known names in diaper pails, and many moms have relied on their Diaper Genie to make the nursery a more pleasant place to play. And it can use any type of bag. It comes with a baking soda insert lid for odor-fighting and a lavender-scented bag refill ring that stays sealed when you open the door to limit the blasts of stench that happen with each new deposit. I was initially going to go with the Munchkin Step, but the Ubbi is not really any more expensive, get to use your own bags, and (hopefully) it will be sturdy enough to last more than one kid. Have a different opinion about something we recommend? Now, I asked my sis (a busy mom with 2 under 2) about her diaper routine. Then, you can either buy a refill, or save money and use standard baking soda. . The Munchkin pail accepts two types of bags: the continuous liners or snap-close bags. The bag should slip right out! Some require special refills that work specifically with the diaper pail or genie. We are expecting baby #2 in June and were trying to . Although your diaper pail should remain clean, there can be the occasional accident. If the diaper genie smells are simply too bad for one diaper pail deodorizer idea to work, try multiple methods. All rights reserved. You can find off-brand refills for the Diaper Genie, but it is much harder to find off-brand bags that work with the Munchkin pail. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7a2e461abedcd3bf The Munchkin Step measures 27.63 inches H x 12 inches W, while the Ubbi measures 23.6 inches H x 15.4 inches W. . Some require special refills that work specifically with the diaper pail or genie. A twist and seal opening keeps dirty diaper smells at bay. Hey, what's up, hello?! I used mine until solid food cane into the picture then those diapers went straight outside. As long as you're diligent about changing the bag regularly, you shouldn't run into too many problems. First of all, you can only insert the Diaper Genie brand pouches in the slot (no other type will fit) and you also need to replace them every 30 days. Compatible with Diaper Genie Expression, Diaper Genie Complete, Diaper Genie II, Diaper Genie II Elite, Diaper Genie Essentials and Mini. Ubbi vs. The Munchkin Step is a foot pedal operated diaper pail with a clever twist and seal method used to keep odors in. Weve all experienced the moment of opening the trash can and getting a sudden whiff of bad air. Each one uses an additional accessory in the lid to help stop the stink. Its not a substitute for professional medical advice or medical care. Its not noticeable with a newborn or just 1 to 2 diapers, but when the bag is nearly full its impossible to escape. When it comes to Munchkin vs Diaper Genie, two very popular brands, which one is better than the other? The diaper Genie is a much loved diaper pail among parents, and for good reason! that's a poop ton of diapers (pun intended). Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail, Fully Assembled, with Odor Lock Technology, Includes 1 Pail and 1 Refill, Grey Babies go through 9,600 diapers in 3 years . Hey,FTM and wondering if anyone has had any experience of one or both of the diaper genie complete or munchkin step diaper pails?Any recommendations welcome, thanks . Honestly, its a tough call. Its not as gross as with the Munchkin pails, but there is a chance youll touch the pail itself, which isnt great. However, when it comes to overall user-friendliness, we think the Diaper Genie comes out on top. Additionally, the Genie also has built-in antimicrobials to prevent the spread of bacteria. I have gone back and forth for many weeks and spent hours comparing the diaper genie to the munchkin diaper pails. If youre expecting twins or multiples, you might want to consider a pail with a bigger capacity such as the Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions. The idea is to save on waste and use less plastic. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for munchkin diaper pail refills 20 bags nib + arm and hammer puck at the best online prices at eBay! With my method, it took me a long time to fill up a diaper pail and those diaper contents that were in there had a chance to, well, percolate. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. Footprint: 21.2 x 12.3 x 11.1 inches. Dealing with messy, smelly diapers is the biggest factor, and guys, I am pleased to announce that when the Munchkin is sealed shut you wont smell dirty diapers! A Group Owner is a member that has initiated the creation of a group to connect with other members to share their journey through the same pregnancy & baby stages. Our team of product experts thoroughly vet every product we recommend to help you cut through the clutter and find what you need. The steel diaper pail can hold up to 55 dirty diapers. The Diaper Genie Complete has inside flaps (like a shelf) that close or open in time with the lid. I also like that you can switch out the Munchkins disk less frequently, and save money by using your own baking soda. We respect everyones right to express their thoughts and opinions as long as they remain respectful of other community members, and meet What to Expects Terms of Use. Works wonders at keeping the smell away. You dont need to use only Diaper Genie special bags with these diaper pails. Aside from finding baby-safe air freshener options, you want to make sure your diaper pail isnt the culprit! I am a FTM and currently making my baby registry. When you think you are reaching bag capacity for your Munchkin pail, simply open the little door at the front, pull down the bag, cut it with the internal blade and tie it off. 0 Compare . Price: Weight: 6.8 pounds. Email us and we'll compare notes. Other than the fact that at Babies R Us (at least) the genie is cheaper? When the top is sealed, the air will not smell bad and you wont even notice you have a collection of dirty diapers in a pail. Elvie Curve vs Haakaa Silicone Pump Which One Works Better For Collecting Milk During Nursing Session? Munchkin features a Patented self-sealing system that has made this pail the top choice for odor control. You need to push diapers through the Munchkins mechanism, but they should just fall through the flaps into the Genie. The Arm & Hammer branded option releases a pleasant lavender smell, and lasts for roughly 90 days. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Buy at Amazon IMO they both suck! Fitted inside of the lid of the Diaper Genie is a carbon filter. Others allow you to use standard trash bags. The new Diaper Genie Complete is equipped with the patented Odor Lock Technology, which creates an effective barrier between odors and the outside environment. Made from steel and powder coated so easy to maintain. Most of the time, this wont be a problem. Both the Munchkin and the Genie are plastic pails, which makes them easy to clean, but also means they are porous and can slowly absorb smells over time. Buying Options: Target. The Munchkin mechanism also twists the bag to prevent odors from escaping. Lower the cost of diaper pail bags & buy dial pail refills with Munchkin. Diaper Pails & Refills (13) Refine by Category: Diaper Pails & Refills (13) Diapering & Potty Training (5) Refine by Category: Diapering & Potty Training (5) Price The Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, however, while a very good choice in its own right, falls just a bit short of being remarkable. This item: Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail Refill Rings, 544 Count $19.99 ($10.00/Count) $14.99 shipping WaterWipes Original Baby Wipes, 99.9% Water, Unscented & Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Newborn Skin, 12 Packs (720 Count) $49.17 ($0.07/count) Get it by Monday, Jun 27 FREE Shipping on orders over $35 shipped by Amazon And with a baking soda puck trapping excess smells, your nursery can stay fresher for longer. Find advice, support and good company (and some stuff just for fun). Ubbi Pail vs. We used the Ubbi pail and it works great. And then for baby room I got the genie I didnt feel like spending $70 when my toddler will eventually be potty trained . They all suck and are pointless. Munchkin however is gaining popularity for several key reasons. And if you love this guide on whats the difference between Diaper Genie and Munchkin diaper pails, then check out these guides on effective diaper pail deodorizer ideas and best diaper pail alternatives. Playtex Refill Bags, Ideal for Diaper Genie Diaper Pails, 270 Count 3 Packs.. 7445025696686 | eBay After that, rinse both the inside and outside of your diaper pail. Baking soda provides safe, effective and natural odor elimination. Both the Diaper Genie and the Munchkin Step use a filter to capture the smells that will inevitably leak through the bag. You also have to flip up the lid with your hand (theres no foot pedal, so it's not hands-free) and the internal chamber is smaller, so it has to be emptied more often. As the opening is small, sometimes you have to really push the diaper through. Dimensions: 12 x 28 x 13 inches. And are certain models of one better than others? This item: Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer, #1 in Odor Control, Award-Winning, Includes 1 Refill Ring and 1 Snap, Seal & toss Bag $63.95 Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail Snap, Seal, 20 Count $20.62 ($1.03/Count) Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail Refill Rings, 544 Count, 2 Pack, 272 Count $14.59 ($7.30/Count) The Munchkin is slightly bigger at 12.25 x 27.63 x 13 and weighs 12.08lbs. Are there more budget-friendly choices to consider? ?Thanks in advanced! Ubbi CONS No foot pedal. The Genie uses carbon filters that should be changed every 30 days, while the Munchkin has baking soda disks that are recommended to be switched out every 90 days. check out Munchkin deodorizers & refills here, ranking of the best Diaper Genie alternatives, Get your Munchkin Step + FREE travel pail here >>, Stokke Steps vs. Tripp Trapp Review & Comparison of Stokke High Chairs. Munchkin one works great in concealing odor. Munchkin step diaper pail vs ubbi vs diaper genie - Page 2: Hello everyone, I do not post on here often but I have been checking in on everyone's journey and loving all the pictures and positivity. Munchkin pail here - my baby is 4 months old and there's been no smell or issues with the pail. I don't know about the Munchkin, but we have the diaper genie for my son and I don't like it. Heres my comprehensive comparison between the two! Your support helps me run this blog thank you! If it doesnt drop down right away, just use the step lever a few times to make the diaper fall down. If youve narrowed down your choice to Playtex Diaper Genie Complete vs. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail, my comparison should help you make the final decision. Every diaper pail you use will require a liner of some sort. We use exclusively for poop diapers, and while he is 22 months old and after they are on solids things change in a not pleasant way on that front, I feel like the odor lingers forever! Hi I'm Allison! Others have foot pedals that allow you to do the work yourself. Group Leaders communicate with staff moderators and escalate potential violations for review, but they dont moderate discussions. With compact, small diapers, this isnt a big deal. Backed with a Masters Degree in Public Health, a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, a long career in health and safety, and 10 years of hands on experience using, researching, and testing baby products, Allison loves to use her parenting experience to support and encourage other parents. If you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. First, wrap the diaper into itself, nice and compact. Munchkin had bags scented with lavender and baking soda. Your IP: However, Ive never had trouble cramming a diaper through the opening. Additionally, both options have a step pedal which allows for easy hands-free operation. You can fit more size one diapers than size six. Latest: May 2017 Babies. Munchkin UV Snap, Seal & Toss Diaper Pail Refill Bags - 20pk Munchkin 30 $19.79 When purchased online Buy 1 get 1 25% off diapering supplies Diaper Dekor Classic Diaper Pail Refills - 2pk Diaper Dekor 103 $11.99 When purchased online Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Refill Munchkin 244 $6.29 - $9.39 When purchased online While the Diaper Genie is easier to use, the Ubbi's disadvantage is it requires more work to open the lid. Group Leaders communicate with staff moderators and escalate potential violations for review, but they dont moderate discussions. Simply pull the bag through the pail, and slice and seal when youre ready to toss it away. The Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is available in a wide variety of colors and is our pick for best value since you can don't have to use proprietary trash bags with it. This hasn't been a big deal for me. They also hold just as many diapers (270), all for less cost. Many diaper pails are able to hold up to a whopping 15-25 diapers, so you can get away with changing your pail at the end of each day (or week in some cases). Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail Snap, Seal and Toss Refill Bags. Besides, steel is much nicer to look at. The views expressed in community are solely the opinions of participants, and do not reflect those of What to Expect. Or even our reviews on Ubbi vs Munchkin diaper pail, Dekor vs Diaper Genie, and Ubbi vs Diaper Genie. 20% 32 votes Report Reply to Post Re: Ubbi Pail vs. Backed with a Masters Degree in Public Health, a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, a long career in health and safety, and 10 years of hands on experience using, researching, and testing baby products, I love to use my parenting experience to support and encourage other parents. Remember: safety first! Still, the pail does a good job containing the smell otherwise. The convenient foot pedal makes the Diaper Genie very easy to use. Heres how Diaper Genie and Munchkin Pail compare in terms of their features. Read More, Though it doesn't trap odor as well as our top pick, this is one of the few options if you don't want to get stuck buying expensive, proprietary refill bagsor plan to use cloth diapers. However, the foot pedal is great for hands-free disposal. Many of the pails we checked out had at least one critical flaw. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. However, the difference is small, and as you can expect to get several years of use out of both options, we think the Munchkin Step price is fair. The Munchkin Step diaper pail has a lot going for it: It works with both single bags and Diaper Genie-style ring refills, the pail does a good job of containing ambient stink when closedthanks to. And It holds quite a few days of diapers before you have to roll out more of the bag. Use More Than One Diaper Pail Deodorizer. She uses only disposable diapers with both of her babies and is a dedicated diaper pail user. You have to contain that stuff. Credit: / TJ Donegan. When you lift the lid to put a new diaper in, you may get a little stinky sniff, but its not a big waft and goes away when the lid is down. Save money in the long run by using another refill ring for less cost. These refill bags are the best option for the Munchkin pail systems, proving to be durable and containing odor flawlessly. Guys, this diaper pail is just containing the smell of dirty diapers in order to let out a fierce odor when you open the lid. If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. The sealed ring on the Munchkin Step is better at keeping odors locked away, but the Diaper Genie still performs incredibly well. After looking into the most popular pails on the market, we think the best diaper pail and diaper genie on the market is the Playtex Diaper Genie Complete (available at Amazon for $49.97) . Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe Safety 1st Easy Saver Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe Diaper Dkor Plus. Open a window or the front door on nice days to let fresh air into the house. If you have a diaper pail that is lined with a standard trash bag, its a no-brainer. The Diaper Genie Complete has a capacity of 25-35 diapers, while the Munchkin Step can hold approximately 30 before you need to change the bag. when i. Munchkin one works great in concealing odor. 2005-2023Everyday Health, Inc., a Ziff Davis company. Not for use with any Munchkin Diaper Pails in Canada . This article is NOT a substitute for medical advice. If you really start to notice a smell build up, you can clean a plastic diaper pail with baking soda. The Munchkin Step is a cleverly designed pail with features limiting escaping odors and reducing smells. Lavender Scented. We spent many hours on research to finding munchkin vs diaper genie, reading product features, product specifications for this guide. Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. I have a ton of refills left but not longer have the genie. If you have a small apartment, it might be easier to drop them in a trash bag on your balcony, or throw in the dumpster as you go for a morning walk so you dont have several days worth in the house. Its easy to see that the Genie requires more carbon filter replacements over the course of a year. In general, the Diaper Genie is often cheaper than the Munchkin. Youve got a whole lot of poopy diapers right where your kiddo sleeps. Diaper Pail Showdown: Dkor vs. Theres no mess, and no fuss. at the best online prices at eBay! 2005-2023Everyday Health, Inc., a Ziff Davis company. Considering size and shape becomes important when you have a small nursery. I am looking for a diaper pail and the 3 that seem to come up most are the Munchkins step, UBBI and Diaper Genie. Envos gratis en el da Compra en meses sin intereses y recibe tu Repuestos Bote De Paales Compatible Genie Y Munchkin 4pack 4 Repuestos para botes de paales, Diaper Pail Refill.Compatibles con todos los botes de paales de las marcas Genie y Munchkin excepto Expression (ver imagen).Resistente hasta para 320 paales de RNDurableOlor . While both brands market their own liners, the Ubbi is compatible with any standard trash bag. No pungent smell filling up the air of your baby room here! The Ubbi Diaper Pail is slightly smaller than the Diaper Genie which is a good 5 inches taller. Are there alternatives? Sorry, but I see these odor-absorbing filters as more of a drawback than an advantage. Getting diapers through the opening requires some pushing. Uses regular trash bags and definitely traps the smell inside. Munchkin. Do a fabulous job masking odor from dirty diapers, snapping shut to contain smells. With 7 layers and a lavender scent, these bags are able to keep bad smells away. How does the Munchkin pail vs the Diaper Genie compare in the odor department? Second, the Diaper Genie has a front tilt bin. They also have a trap door in the front for easy diaper disposal. So, a little extra space really doesnt make that much difference. What is better: Diaper Genie or Munchkin? Read More, If you're diligent in changing the bag, you shouldn't run into too many problems. I bought the Diaper Genie yesterday. Baby Travel. They still smell. I honestly would just do the genie its much cheaper and if it stinks just buy a little air freshener that lasts longer than the armor hammer things and put it in the pail, Diaper genies are terrible and break easily, I just threw my two out, this baby will just have a small garbage can that we can change daily. I hated our diaper genie!! But a particularly full diaper can cause a real issue. we have a munchkin one. See our full disclosure here. The entire purpose of a diaper pail is to prevent odors and the Munchkin simply does it better. Coming in first is a diaper pail you are probably familiar with and have seen at countless baby showers. You're all set to get the latest from Reviewed. Another video for you guys! Has arguably the best diaper disposal of any testedat least in terms of cleanliness and odor control. But when the pail is too full, the closing action squishes diapers, creating a literal gust of poop air. Munchkin Step - Main Differences Capacity Closure Anti-microbial Odor-Absorbing Disks & Filters Special Bags Refill Rings Ease Of Use Safety Blade Material Cost Munchkin Step Review Munchkin Arm & Hammer Disks Odor Control Refill Bags Inserting Diapers Expense Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Review Opening The Lid Carbon Filters Refill Bags . Although they are more expensive, the Munchkin bag refills are nice, because they have baking soda for maximum odor control. . Munchkin Step $64.75 960 Reviews Buy on Amazon Size 12.25 x 27.63 x 13 inches Material Plastic Hands-Free Yes Dekor Mini Hands-Free Diaper Pail $24.95 - - Buy on Amazon Size 7 x 7 x 10 inches Material Plastic Hands-Free Yes Safety 1st Easy Saver Munchkin Arm & Hammer Bubula Steel Dekor Classic Hands-Free Akord Slim Adult Diaper Pail $21.12 $49.99 You drop the diaper, and when the lid closes, it falls through. Our top picks are the two most expensive models, with Munchkin - STEP at around $56 and Ubbi at about $80. For some reason this is the decision that I'm getting absolutely stuck on Buying Help! Group Owners uphold the core values of the brand by reporting content that violates the community guidelines. The Diaper Genie Complete is an airtight portable pail specially designed to contain the odor of dirty diapers. Specs at a glance: Measures 14 x 12 x 24 inches Holds 30 newborn diapers Weighs 12 pounds Made of plastic Uses special Snap, Seal & Toss bags What We Love Patented self-sealing technology Comes with a starter refill ring and one Snap, Seal & Toss bag For every Step Diaper Pail sold, Munchkin will plant a tree.Measures 27" high x 12" deep; Comes with step . These are extremely popular diaper pails on the market right now, but there are many differences between them. Realistically, youll need to empty the diaper pail every few days (at least). This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. One of the more popular alternative options is the Ubbi Steel. Also, they recommend changing them out every 90 days, giving you more time than the carbon filters of the Playtex Diaper Genie Complete. Your email address will not be published. Theres minimal opportunity for bad smells to leak. Diaper genie vs munchkin step diaper pail? Although I breast feed my child and her poop and pee doesn't smell at first really. Inside the bin there are two spring-loaded arms that pin the bag shut and create a little chamber at the top. Create an account or log in to participate. See Now . The Diaper Genie Complete had the strongest pail features of any that we tried, and it comes with a reasonable price tag. We prefer it over the Munchkin Step as you can easily dispose of diapers. . Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Pail | Amazon $47.99 Diaper Genie's ultimate diaper disposal system controls odors and makes changing your baby's dirty diapers a breeze. $17.50. I know the pushing part is part of the mixed review but idk maybe cause I always try to wrap my wipes in the diaper, I dont have poop everywhere on the diaper so its not rubbing all over the bag as you push it in also people claim it doesnt close properly but I think they arent inserting the bag refill canister properly. The whole reason to use a diaper pail instead of just a regular trash can is odor containment. Most generic bag refills offer the same 7-layer odor protection and I find they work just as well as the Diaper Genie brand. Ubbi is set adjacent to our diaper changing station. And then, the smell is just out there, stinking up your nursery. Please select a reason for escalating this post to the WTE moderators: Connect with our community members by starting a discussion. While regular kitchen trash bags arent ideal for using in diaper genie pails, there are plenty of other knockoff pail liners that fit just fine and hold the same capacity. Offers Superior odor protection Made with 7-layer odor-barrier film Each diaper ring holds up to 272 newborn diapers Fits ALL Diaper Genie Elite, Complete, Elite, Essentials and "Mini" Pails. That falls apart when you have to put any remotely messy diapers into the Step. Are Diaper Genie Refills Compatible With Munchkin? Then, dispose of the bag of soiled diapers. Be prepared! Carbon filters and specially scented refill bags assist in masking odors. It's the only pail out there that is stainless steel so it doesn't absorb the stink like the others that are plastic. The Munchkin Step pail is tall and has an out of reach button for little fingers, but neither of these pails have a child lock. Diaper Genie - Expressions, our pick for best lower-cost diaper pail, costs under $25. Car Seats; Car Accessories For Baby; Travel Strollers; Baby Carriers . Diaper Genie: Main Similarities & Differences Similarities May be used for disposable or cloth diapers Different colors available Differences Ubbi Diaper Pail Pros.

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